The RXD Difference?

CrossFit RXD is North OC’s most experienced and successful CrossFit gym.

CrossFit RXD has been changing bodies and impacting lives for over 10 years.

What started as an idea between friends in 2009 quickly became North Orange Counties Premier CrossFit gym. The stabilizing force over the past decade has been the stable leadership of our owners. 

They created the vision of a gym filled with athletes passionate about fitness, supportive of one another and welcoming to all. In order to fulfil this vision, they surrounded themselves with coaches that are not only knowledgeable about strength and conditioning, but more importantly, truly care about people and create a supportive and encouraging environment for all. CrossFit RXD has truly been blessed to have some amazing coaches serve on our staff over the years, and we are forever grateful for each one of them and the energy and passion they have given to RXD.

At RXD we are fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and train thousands of people over the past 10 years. We have experience training and teaching people of all fitness levels, from obese to collegiate athletes. We have trained athletes with disabilities and those from other countries and cultures. 

Some of our most rewarding experiences have been those new members that walked into our gym scared and lacking confidence. Maybe because they were overweight or had never exercised in their life. As a staff, we have been blessed to have a front-row seat to watch their transformation from that scared person walking in the door to someone with confidence and strength that they will carry forever.   

So, if you are worried that you can’t do CrossFit, we want you to know you can because we have seen it. 

If you are willing to walk in the door and keep showing up, we will support and guide you through this process, and we promise you will be a better, stronger and more confident person because of it.   

A Membership at CrossFit RXD includes:

Unlimited classes

Schedule with up to nine classes a day

Open gym training (before, during or after classes)

In class heart rate and calorie monitoring

Nutritional consultation and challenges

Are you ready to start your fitness journey, or are you already in shape and looking for a new challenge? We are ready and prepared to help you achieve your goals. Please CONTACT US  to get started.