RXD Spotlight

of the Month: February

Rafael Hernandez

Quick Questions

Most people don’t know these 3 things about me:                                                              

1. I’m fluent in 3 languages other than English

2. I am a single father

3. I was a salsa singer in my 20’s

Biggest accomplishment since joining RXD: I lost 27 pounds

Describe RXD in your own words: RXD is a family that I’m extremely thankful and proud to be part of, and can’t imagine myself without it!!!

Age: 36

Occupation: Wine Director/Sommelier

RXD Start Date: 2013 took a long break started again this year

Athletic Background: Soccer/swimming

Go-to class time: 10:05 am and sometimes afternoon

How did you learn about CrossFit? I was introduced to CrossFit by my cousin a few years back

How has CrossFit RXD changed your life? It’s been fantastic always feeling full of energy specially with my profession and long working hours. I’m extremely thankful to be a part of the RXD family and also grateful for all the coaches and their passion.

Short term goals? Complete a Marathon in 2017

Long term goals? Pass the Master Sommelier exam and be the best father to my son and daughter

Favorite movement? Push Press

Least favorite movement? Love them all haha

Favorite healthy meal? Fish, Sashimi

Favorite cheat meal? Pork Belly Lolly pops from my work place they’re unbelievable! Oh and pizza!!!

Current book you’re reading? The World Atlas of Wine by Jancis Robinson

Hobbies outside of CrossFit? Hiking, scuba diving, traveling, wine tasting, spending time with my family and kids.

Life Achievements? Lost 27 pounds

I am passionate about… My career, staying healthy, my son and daughter, family, friends, wine, and working out

  • Go-to class time: 10AM
  • Cheat Meal: Pork Belly Lolly pops
  • Start Date: 2013

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