Teen Athlete Camp at RXD 

Summer is the perfect time for your teen athletes to improve on the foundations of performance for their specific sport(s). TAC@RXD is an off-season training program run by Coach Sean Swetnam, a former Division 1 Collegiate Athlete and competitive power lifter. The program will focus on expanding your athlete’s current athletic talents and most importantly, identifying and eliminating their weaknesses.

TAC@RXD’s mission is to use the off-season to build a solid foundation for high school sports by increasing athletic potential through increases in strength, speed and agility. Training will focus on learning quality technique and movement patterns within a safe, challenging and competitive environment.

Training focus:

 Increased Power Output

 Improved Movement Patterns

 Reactive Speed

 Strength Development

 Conditioning

 Coordination

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$210 for 6-Week Program

Dates: June 26th to August 3rd

Days: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Class times: 11:00am to 12:00pm

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For more information or to RSVP your teen athlete, email info@crossfitrxd.com or Coach Sean at GoodVibratSeans@gmail.com