Eric is a law enforcement officer as well as a veteran of the US Navy where he served in the Naval Special Warfare Boat Teams as a Military Special Operations Member. He understands the importance of physical fitness and readiness in his line of work, which can amount to life or death at times.

Eric started Crossfit in 2009 after hearing about the program from a fellow officer. Since then, Eric has utilized this program as his main training regimen to help him perform better as a law enforcement officer and in life in general. Eric has competed in the 2010 Crossfit Sectionals, OC Throwdown and the 2011 Crossfit regionals as a part of the Crossfit RXD team. Eric focuses on the technical movements that our training program utilizes. He started his coaching career training with teammates in the Navy moving onto being a personal trainer and is now an instructor in several disciplines of Law Enforcement. Eric looks forward to meeting and coaching you to reach your fitness goals.

“Don’t make yourself better than the guy/girl next to you. Make yourself better than who you were yesterday. Physically, RXD will help you accomplish that. Mentally, it’s up to you”. – Eric Song