RXD Membership

Pricing Options

Unlimited Membership Pricing
12-Month Contract
$360 in savings!
No Contract

 *Prices are per month.  All savings are measured against the no-contract rate for given time period.

Prepaid Membership Pricing
12-Month Prepaid Membership
$200 in savings!
6-Month Prepaid Membership
$150 in savings!
Special Discounts Available
The following groups qualify for a discount on any monthly membership rate:

Monthly, no contract: $150

12-month contract $120

– Current Military, Veterans, Police, Fire, EMT or Full-time Student.
– Proof of service, employment or school enrollment required.
– Discount not applicable to pre-paid memberships.

Family Savings
25% off monthly membership for additional family members.
-Primary member pays full price monthly membership and savings applied to additional family members.
-Must be an immediate family living at the same residence.
-This discount cannot be combined with other discounted rates.