RXD Membership

Pricing Options


As a beginner, the first thing you must do is complete one of our Fundamentals Programs. The Fundamental Program is a series of small or private classes that teach you the basics of CrossFit and get you up to speed so that you can join our group classes.  This program usually takes two weeks.  Athletes with prior CrossFit experience are exempt from fundamentals.

You have the option of completing:


  • 2 weeks of fundamentals and 2 weeks of the group class.
  • Six classes on pre-established days and times that you must attend.
  • Classes are held 7:00 am, OR 6:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.
  • Missing a scheduled class will result in a 25$ fee for a make-up class.


Our private one-to-one sessions set around your busy schedule.

*Fundamentals are not necessary for those who have adequate prior CrossFit experience.

Upon completing Fundamentals you will start the membership program you choose below.

Unlimited Membership Pricing
12-Month Contract
$360 in savings!
No Contract

 *Prices are per month.  All savings are measured against the no-contract rate for given time period.

Prepaid Membership Pricing
12-Month Prepaid Membership
$200 in savings!
6-Month Prepaid Membership
$150 in savings!
Special Discounts Available
The following groups qualify for a discount on any monthly membership rate:

Monthly, no contract: $150

12-month contract $120

- Current Military, Veterans, Police, Fire, EMT or Full-time Student.
- Proof of service, employment or school enrollment required.
- Discount not applicable to pre-paid memberships.

Family Savings
25% off monthly membership for additional family members.
-Primary member pays full price monthly membership and savings applied to additional family members.
-Must be an immediate family living at the same residence.
-This discount cannot be combined with other discounted rates.
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