RXD Spotlight

Lennie Kanno

Age: 47

Occupation: Sales Engineer

RXD Start Date: Summer 2016

Athletic Background: Running

Go-to class time:  5AM

How did you learn about CrossFit? Former member Kathleen Chung and being lucky enough to be part of the 2015 CrossFit RXD Ragnar Team

How has CrossFit RXD changed your life? Knowledge of weightlifting motions, faster runner on shorter distances, fulling embracing the mantra of being comfortable with being uncomfortable

Short term goals: To work on pull-up based motions

Long term goals: To do the Rx weight at least once, depending on the movement, not necessarily for one set but just one rep

Favorite movement: Running seems like a cheat, so back squats

Least favorite movement: Airdyne or Assault Bike, whichever. No like the bike.

Favorite healthy meal: Grilled Tuna with Brown Rice

Favorite cheat meal: Ramen

Current book you’re reading: The Ghost Army of WW II

Hobbies outside of CrossFit: Bowling, Concerts, and Running

Life Achievements: Completed 4 Marathons, ran a sub 2 hour Half Marathon, made it to WDW, DL (of course), Tokyo, and France with only China and Hong Kong left to complete visits to all the Disney Parks

I am passionate about: Women who rock (Shirley Manson of Garbage, Brody Dalle, and Joan Jett as examples), Everton FC, movies, beer

  • Go-to class time: 5AM
  • Cheat Meal: Ramen
  • Start Date: Summer ’16

Quick Questions

Most people don’t know these 3 things about me:                                                              1. Diagnosed this fall with exercise induced asthma

2. Been to 6 of the last 7 Coachella Festivals

3. At the Knocked Up premiere, I was complimented on ‘my’ performance as the Obstetrician by a well-meaning older woman who apparently suffered from the “All Asians Look the Same” syndrome

Biggest accomplishment since joining RXD: Progressing from where just the movements with a PVC pipe in fundamentals left me with sore arms to getting to a place where my admittedly not perfect form has progressed to a place where I don’t have a sore back after deadlifts or similar bad form aches.

Describe RXD in your own words:  The most supportive workout environment that I’ve experienced to go along with intense varied workouts that have made RXD a fundamental part of my life.

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