RXD Spotlight

of the Month: May

Tracy Foye

Quick Questions

Most people don’t know these 3 things about me:                                                              

1. I taught English in Osaka, Japan through the JET program the year after college.

2. I trekked through the Himalayas.

3. I am sensitive and can be a tad naïve

Biggest accomplishment since joining RXD: 295# Deadlift

Describe RXD in your own words:  I love RXd. Having experienced another gym for over 3 years, I saw and experienced the RXd difference in my first week. It is well run as a business and gym with experienced, knowledgeable and amazing coaches and programming. The community is welcoming and friendly always. It is truly a Crossfit family that members become a part of instantly. It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s rewarding. I am so happy I found RXd. I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be.  

Age: 46

Occupation: Mom, Wife, Volunteer (was a Marketing professional before kids)

RXD Start Date:  October 2017 (but I started CF in Sept. 2014)

Athletic Background:  I grew up doing all sports but was an age-group swimmer from 9 years old through high school. I also did volleyball in high school.

How did you learn about CrossFit? A course was offered in the city of Anaheim course schedule for my old gym. I decided to give it a shot and got hooked.

How has CrossFit RXD changed your life? As an adult, Crossfit is the only form of exercise that I have kept up consistently. It has not only helped me become physically fit and strong, it has enhanced my mental well-being as well. It has made me more emotionally stable and mentally tough. It is a part of my life and my day-to-day routine. I only wish I had found it earlier in my life.

Short term goals: Get better at running and enhance my cardio capacity

Long-term goals: Do a bar muscle up

Favorite movement: Deadlift

Least favorite movement: Overhead squat

Favorite healthy meal: Sushi


  • Cheat Meal: Bean and Cheese burrito with chips and salsa
  • Start Date: October 2017

Favorite cheat meal: Bean & Cheese Burrito with chips & salsa

Current book you’re reading: The Kindness of the Hangman

Hobbies outside of CrossFit: Succulent arrangements, volunteering, playing with my kids and watching their sports/activities

Life Achievements: I have two healthy boys, a sweet dog, a successful marriage of almost 18 years and I am happy and healthy.

I am passionate about: Football, helping others, equality

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