RXD Spotlight

of the Month: March

Teri Wisner

Quick Questions

Most people don’t know these 3 things about me:                                                              

1. I was state champion and reserve national champion horse back rider.

2. I always am reading 3 books at the same time, a junk novel, a self help book, and a chiropractic/patient care book.

3. I married the boss’ son

Describe RXD in your own words:  RXD is great “box,” filled with a family of fun people and encouraging, knowledgeable coaches.

Age: 54

Occupation: Chiropractor

RXD Start Date: 2014?

Athletic Background: I was always a Tom boy. Rode and showed both jumping and reining horses as a kid

Go-to class time:  Tuesday-9ish

How did you learn about CrossFit? Saw a sign by my house and stopped in to a CrossFit gym and joined. That was about 7 years ago.

How has CrossFit RXD changed your life? Crossfit RXD has been a great place to train and meet wonderful people who encourage folks to be their best.

Short term goals: 10 Kipping pull-ups (current-7). String T2B. Have fun and stay health in the open this year and not take it too seriously.

Long term goals: To stay healthy and active so I can continue to do my very physical job and also keep up with my family that likes to hike, dirt bike ride and camp.

Favorite movement: Power Lifting-Bench Press, Deadlifts and Squats

Least favorite movement: HSPUs

Favorite healthy meal: Chicken Salad

Favorite cheat meal: Mexican Food and Beer

Current book you’re reading: Tim Ferris-Tools of Titans

Hobbies outside of CrossFit: Dirt Bike Riding, Shooting, Hiking, and Camping

Life Achievements: 32 years of marriage to a great guy, Mom to two wonderful sons that I am so proud of, running Wisner’s Chiropractic for 27 years.

I am passionate about: My family and helping people achieve their health care goals.

  • Go-to class time: Tue. 9ish
  • Cheat Meal: Mexican Food + Beer
  • Start Date: 2014

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