CrossFit Beginners Program

Step One

Attend a Free Introductory Class

Learn if CrossFit is right for you

Step Two

Attend our Fundamental Classes

A two week CrossFit beginners program

Step Three

Start a Monthly Membership

Attend an unlimited amount of group classes

CrossFit Fundamentals are a series of classes designed to teach you the basics of CrossFit. As a new member, you must attend all Fundamentals Classes so you can safely, effectively, and confidently join our group classes. During the classes, you will receive a comprehensive understanding of the CrossFit training program and the exercise movements involved, such as weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, cardio movements, etc.

Experienced CrossFitters coming from another gym do NOT have to attend Fundamentals.


Our new member fundamental training consists of one to two classes held weekly. Fundamentals are scheduled individually with new members and days/times are flexible, based on staffing availability. Once you have completed these classes, you can join any of our eigh daily group classes.  


Our new member fundamental program is included with your monthly membership.