RXD Spotlight

of the Month: February

Daniel Phung

Quick Questions

Most people don’t know these 3 things about me:                                                              

1. I’ve been on an African Safari (One of the best experiences in my life that I would recommend to anyone!)

2. I’ve traveled to about 15 different countries.

3. I competed in the 2000 US Junior National Badminton Championship in the under 22 Boys Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.

Biggest accomplishment since joining RXD: Getting a muscle up!!

Describe RXD in your own words: As a person who wanted to do some type of weight training, to supplement my running at the time, but didn’t know what to do RXD has been great!  I can come into the box and get in an awesome workout with like minded friendly people who will go through the suffering with me.  There is always someone there encouraging me to keep going whether it be another member or a coach. I’m a very quiet and shy person but feel free to say “Hi” if you see me at the box!

Age: 38

Occupation: Sr. Network Engineer…translation…boring I.T./Computer stuff!!

RXD Start Date: January 2014

Athletic Background: 4 years of High School Badminton, 2 years as a goalie for High School Water Polo, completed 5Ks, 10Ks, 1 half marathon, 2 marathons(both were the LA Marathon), several sprints and Olympic distance triathlons.

Go-to class time: Whenever I can fit it into my schedule. I think I’ve been to every single class time that has been offered.

How did you learn about CrossFit? I was watching ESPN one day and they were showing the CrossFit games.  I thought to myself wow these athletes were amazing and I’d like to try that!!

How has CrossFit RXD changed your life? It has helped me keep in a somewhat decent shape. Instead of being round, I’m less round with just a little more muscle.

Short term goals? Increase max Oly lifts

Long term goals? Deadlift 400#, Clean 285#, Clean and Jerk 275#, Snatch 185#, FS 285#, BS 315#, get better at rig movements like pull-ups, CTB, T2B, BMU and MU especially after being fatigued.

Favorite movement? Everything except rig movements

Least favorite movement? Pull-ups, CTB, T2B because of my delicate baby hands that rip easily

Favorite healthy meal? BBQ Crispy Tofu Bowl with Cilantro Lime Brown Rice from Green Tomato Grill (Does that count as healthy?)

Favorite cheat meal? Big juicy Ribeye steak or Baby Back Ribs

Current book you’re reading? Unfortunately, I don’t read much

Hobbies outside of CrossFit? Swimming, Biking, Running, Triathlons, and Badminton

Life Achievements? Marrying my wife, buying a home

I am passionate about: CrossFit?

  • Go-to class time: Whichever fits the schedule
  • Cheat Meal: Ribeye steak/Baby Back Ribs
  • Start Date: Jan. 2014

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