Frequently Asked Questions

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program based upon constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity. The CrossFit training program has been adopted by police and fire academies (including the Orange County Sheriff’s), law enforcement tactical operations teams, military Special Forces units, champion mixed martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide. Click here to learn more about CrossFit.

I am not an athlete. Can I still do CrossFit?

The amazing thing about CrossFit is that this training program can be utilized by everyone; from professional athletes to soccer moms and senior citizens. You do not have to be in good shape to start. The CrossFit program is completely scalable. Meaning that we can scale the workout to meet your current abilities. Then as you get in better shape the program will adjust to keep you constantly challenged. In fact, we could have a senior citizen and a professional athlete perform the same workout in our classes. The load (weight), movement and reps scheme may be slightly adjusted, but both can participate in the same workout in the same class environment. Learn more during a Free Introductory Class.

What if I’m really out of shape and kind of terrified?

We promise you’ll be fine. Trust us. We have had hundreds of people come in the door who were weaker, older, more overweight, and less coordinated than you are, and they were fine. And, more importantly, most of them joined the gym and are now in great shape. Learn more during a Free Introductory Class.

Are all workouts done as a group?

Yes, and there is an important reason why. All of our workouts are performed at high intensity in a group environment. When performing a workout in a group setting, it is our experience that members will push themselves a little harder and past their comfort zone. By pushing yourself a little harder each time, you reap the benefits physically. Learn more during a Free Introductory Class.

What does Functional Movement mean?

The movements we utilize in our workouts are natural extensions of normal human activity (Functional Movements). These include standing, sitting, squatting, jumping, throwing, lifting, pushing, pulling and climbing. Because these are natural human movements, they are safer than the peculiar isolation movements and machines that other fitness routines employ. Functional movements also use large muscle groups in concert, as nature intended. This type of training will improve your capacity for everyday activity through systematically training the body the way it’s meant to be used.

Learn more during a Free Introductory Class.

So what is the main focus of CrossFit? Weightlifting or Cardio?

A lot of fitness routines are focused around one specific exercise, i.e. biking, running, bodybuilding, etc. CrossFit specializes in not specializing. What this means is that we constantly vary the exercises used in our workouts. We employ power lifting, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, running, rowing, kettle bells, plyometrics and anything else we can think of. When your focus is on one specific exercise, your muscles are only trained for that one thing. We train for the unknown and unknowable. You never know what life is going to throw at you, so we believe that we should be cross-trained in all aspects of fitness. Learn more during a Free Introductory Class.

What does an everyday class consist of?

We start by warming up together. This consists of light cardio, like a run or row, calisthenics, or light weightlifting. The warm-up is designed to do just that, get your heart pumping and muscles warm. It’s only after warming our muscles that we can properly stretch them.
Then as a group a coach will lead you in stretching and mobility drills. These are not your average stretches. We use large bands, foam rollers, and other techniques to specifically target the areas that will be used in the daily workout. Many of our members start CrossFit with serious flexibility issues, but over time become much more flexible, thus preventing injury.


Now that you are warmed up and properly stretched, our coaches will review, drill, and teach the movements that are being used in our daily WOD (work out of the day). Coaches will insure that you are able to perform the movements with proper form and range of motion. This is also where they will determine if you will require scaling (lowering of weight or modification of the exercise movement).


After this we will start the WOD. The coach will yell out, “3, 2, 1, GO!” and the WOD is underway. During the WOD, our coaches will monitor your performance and give you verbal cues and take corrective action when necessary if we see your form or range of motion not meeting the standard. Experience it first hand during a Free Introductory Class.

How long does each class last?

Our classes are designed to last one hour. That is not to say you workout for one hour. The class includes a warm-up, stretching, skill instruction, and finally the workout (WOD). Our WODs can last from 5 to 40 minutes. I know what you are thinking. How can I get a good workout in 5 minutes? Believe me you can.

Where is CrossFit RXD?

We are located at 3010 East La Palma Avenue, Anaheim CA 92806.

We are centrally located in North Orange County near the 55, 57 and 91 Freeways. Our easy freeway access makes us conveniently located within minutes of Anaheim, Orange, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Brea, and Fullerton.

What if I have/had a previous injury? Can I still do CrossFit?

While we are not physicians, (and we highly recommend you discuss any workout program with yours), we do find that many of our members have successfully used CrossFit to rehabilitate from minor injuries. Because people continue to move, work, and play in the real world regardless of injury history, we believe the best route to long-term health is to learn perfect form on functional movements, and to slowly build strength in those movements, rather than to avoid them altogether. At the same time, our instructors are always happy to work with you to scale and substitute exercises and tailor workouts to your abilities. That said, we cannot offer you specific medical advice, and again we advise that you consult your physician before starting this (or any other) exercise program.

I want to lose weight. Is CrossFit right for me?

Yes! We have seen tremendous success with our members transforming their bodies. Exercise is an important part of weight loss, however proper nutrition is the biggest factor in whether you will loose weight. The basic CrossFit diet simply put is: eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that support exercise but not body fat. We specifically encourage our clients to research the Paleo and Zone diets.

Coach Nyra is certified in sports nutrition and hosts monthly Nutrition Clinics to teach members the basics. She is also available to provide more intensive diet counseling and meal planning for an additional fee.

Can I try CrossFit RXD for free?

If you’re a beginner, the best way to learn more about CrossFit RXD is to experience it for yourself during one of our FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSIONS. During these classes you will learn about the CrossFit training program and have all your questions answered.  You will experience a beginner training class involving a warm-up, learning four exercise movements, and then using those movements in a workout done at your own pace. Check for upcoming Free Introductory Class dates here.

If you have already trained at another CrossFit gym, but have recently moved to the area or are looking to upgrade from your current gym, please drop-in for a free group class to give us a “test drive”.  The first drop-in is FREE for local residents.

Visitors to Orange County wishing to drop-in while in on vacation or a business trip will be required to pay a $20 drop-in fee. Learn more about DROP-INS here. 

I’m in really good shape; can I skip the Intro and just attend a group class?

Unless you are already an experienced CrossFitter, there are no drop-ins for beginners into our group classes. You are strongly encouraged to take a free Intro Class and you are required to complete our Fundamentals Workshop before being allowed to join our group classes. Learn more during a Free Introductory Class.

Do you offer personal training?

Our overall goal is to get you into our group classes because we believe that is the focus of the CrossFit philosophy. However, if you do not feel ready or would rather learn in a one-on-one setting you can schedule personal training.

Personal training fees vary based upon the coach.

You are not required to have an additional membership for personal training.

Click here to CONTACT US to schedule your personal lesson.

Do you allow drop-ins for visiting CrossFitters from another gym?

If you have already trained at another CrossFit gym, but have recently moved to the area or are looking to upgrade from your current gym, please drop-in for a free group class to give us a “test drive”.  The first drop-in is FREE for local residents.


Visitors to Orange County wishing to drop-in while on vacation or a business trip will be required to pay a $20 drop-in fee. Learn more about DROP-INS here. (link)

As a member can I come in anytime to workout?

No and yes. With your membership you can attend unlimited weekly classes or scheduled Open Gym times. Open gym is a scheduled time when members can workout on their own between group classes. During this time our members can weight lift, practice skills, or do a WOD they might have missed. A coach is present to observe for safety purposes, but not teaching. We also post supplemental training that can be followed during Open Gym.

What do I need to bring to class?

Just you. Wear basic workout clothes (shorts, sweat pant, T-shirt, sneakers), a hand towel, and a bottle of water.

Do you accept cash, credit card or personal checks

All our memberships require a credit/debit card to be on file for recurring monthly payments. Learn more about MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PRICING here.

Can I just stop by to check it out?

We highly recommend you sign-up for a Free Introductory Session, so that we can devote time to answering all your questions and showing you around. However, if you would like to stop in during a class you are welcome to do so. Just know that our coaches’ main focus is teaching the class.

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