March 2, 2017


Huge shout out to our Commitment Club for February! If it’s your first time making the list, be sure to see Coach Christine or Joe Joe for your T-Shirt!

Duncan Cox

Rob Schwarzberg

Fabiola Flores

John Dofredo

Rocky Gabriel

Justin Wang

Jeff Tang

Jacob Palmer

Chris Falzone

Ronnie Ramos

Keira Long

Javier Coronel

Lennie Kanno

Shermaine Wilson

Letty Navarro

Kristina Knust

Dani Barkan

Don Sortillon

Song Yi Hong

Daniel Johnson

Yesenia Aguirre

Don’t forget that @savagebarbell  and Kill Cliff  will be in the house for Friday Night Lights this coming week for 17.2! Our very own kelly_morgan_s will have a special after hours special for us all as well! DON’T MISS IT!