July 30, 2016

July 30, 2016

There is a difference when you walk into our gym. In fact, there are many differences. We are all cut from a different branch, we all live different lives and have different personalities. But it’s our differences that bring us together, that make us who we are and unite us as one.

Each coach and owner prides themselves on getting to know each individual client as their own person. It’s amazing when we see you hit that new PR or do something that you have never done before in the gym, like a Pull-up, Muscle Up or overcome any obstacle. It’s therapeutic for us to spend time asking you how your day was, plans for the weekend and how it felt during a workout. We love to know what you do for a living, hearing stories about your kids along with laughing and goofing around.

Few things compare to the feeling you get when you experience true community with a group of individuals and watch them achieve success. This is the #RXDDIFFERENCE







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