June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016


Watching these kids do their workout today made us smile from ear to ear. The way they listened so intently to Coach Christine, and how they genuinely worked hard and gave it all they had! So great to see!!!

If you are still interested in signing your kids up, ITS NOT TOO LATE!! See Christine or Nyra for all the details.

BEACH WOD this coming Saturday, June 11 at 9am. Giving new meaning to TAN AND JACKED!! Come Join us right off the Newport Beach Pier.

beach day 2





A) EMOM 20 Mins

ODD: 6 Thrusters + 6 Burpees

EVEN: 200m Run





A) 500m Row @ 80%

…Rest 3 Mins…

x 12 Sets

**Rest 4 Mins after each 4 Sets**