May 28, 2016

May 28, 2016




Beginning July 11, we will begin our TEEN ATHLETE CAMP…  Named TAC@RXD, this program will be the perfect way for your Teenagers to improve on the foundations of performance for their specific high school sport.

Sean Swetnam, our very own former Division 1 Collegiate Athlete, Power Lifter and Coach extraordinaire will be leading the charge on expanding your teen athlete’s talents. He will also, more importantly, guide the focus on identifying and eliminating weaknesses.

TAX@RXD’s mission will be to build, with proper technique, a solid foundation for high school sports by increasing athletic potential in speed, agility and strength. This will be a safe, challenging and competitive atmosphere geared toward the following:

• Increased Power Output
• Improved Movement Patterns
• Reactive Speed
• Strength Development
• Conditioning
• Coordination

Here are the dates, they are coming up fast so be sure to let Sean ( know if you have questions.

DATES: July 11-August 19th

DAYS: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

CLASS TIMES: 11:30am-12:30pm

COST: $180/6 Week Program or $35/Week


**Busy summers are inevitable for most families, so we have allowed you to select a “Pre-pay” option for the weeks your teen will participate**


Sean and all of RXD Staff is very excited about this program, as we have seen some amazing teenagers develop a passion for fitness and become higher caliber Athletes within the walls of our gym!