May 19, 2016

kids cf

CROSSFIT KIDS has been a huge success the last two days, THANK YOU CHRISTINE! Be sure to get those Kiddos signed up to be a part of the fun! The 5-9 year olds are Monday and Wednesday at 3:45-4:15, and the 10-13 year olds are Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-4:30.


ATHLETE CAMP is this coming Sunday, May 21 starting at 9am for anyone who wants to dive into the competitive side of CrossFit or just learn more of the scientific and technical side of our sport. Coach Derek has done an amazing job putting this program together and is stoked to share his knowledge with us.


5AM CLASS with Coach Kristi has been added for those who want or need to WOD early in the morning.





A) PRESS (3-5 REPS @ 21X1):

…Rest 3 Mins…


B) 3 SETS:

1 Min AMRAP– Push-ups

1 Min AMRAP– Sit-ups

1 Min AMRAP– Strict Chin Ups (Supinated Grip)

1 Min AMRAP– Dips

…Rest 1 Min…