May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016



  • RXD Athletes Camp is coming up on May 22 and we are all right in the thick of the first week of testing. If you are interested, give Coach Derek a shout. So far, it has been tough but a ton of fun. Thanks Derek!!

  • RXD CROSSFIT KIDS is just about to kick off on May 16th. Program is FREE for the first two weeks and come June, we will begin Memberships ($80/Mo). Any of the coaches are available to answer questions and to guide you parents in any concerns you have. START GETTING YOUR KIDS PUMPED UP!!

  • POWER SUPPLY is in full affect. Thank you Coach Nyra for taking the lead on this! We have heard nothing but wonderful things so far, so hurry up and get signed up HERE and if you have already signed up and just need to order, go HERE. There is a wide variety of menu options to choose from so hit up the site.

So much going on at RXD lately guys and none of it would be possible without an amazing coaching staff and wonderful members. Thank you for being a part of our family and community. We appreciate every one of you.





200M Run

AMRAP Double Unders

…Rest 1 Min…

x 8 Sets





50 Calories on AD

10 Ring Muscle Ups

40 Calories on AD

8 Ring Muscle Ups

30 Calories on AD

6 Ring Muscle Ups

20 Calories on AD

4 Ring Muscle Ups

10 Calories on AD

2 Ring Muscle Ups