May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016



SUPERLATIVE: The dictionary defines superlative as; of the highest kind, quality or order.  Surpassing all others, supreme.

Christine’s smile is infectious and her heart and dedication to RXD is superlative.  Her knowledge is deep and her love for the people in our gym is big.

She was introduced to the methodologies of CrossFit by the owner of a new gym in 2005, in her hometown of Stockton, IL. 7 years later she began her coaching career while in College and her passion for people and fitness is of the highest kind and still obvious to this day.

Christine’s natural ability to encourage and build up those around her is one that surpasses all others. She genuinely loves the sport of CrossFit; from pushing those next to her in a workout, to programming, to constantly educating herself, to competition. Over the years, she has also found a sense of clarity and spiritual presence that keeps her passion alive.

In 2014, Christine decided she wanted to move to SoCal and after a Skype interview with the owners, they all fell in love with the genuine, warm and easy-to-talk-to person you still know her to be.

She exhibits the exact kind of quality coaching we pride ourselves in at RXD. Her favorite parts of CrossFit RXD are the quality coaching and the love that ties our coach/member relationships. She is a blessing to all those she meets, especially us at RXD. We love and appreciate you, Christine. Thank you for all you are to our gym.