January 23, 2014



Monique is pregnant and still hitting WODs several nights per week.

Baby is expected the begining of March.

We are so happy they found their way to RXD.

photo 3-18


Open WOD 12.3

AMRAP 18 minutes

15 Box Jumps (24/20)

12 S2OH (115/75)

9 T2B


Step down on box jumps encouraged.

Save your Achilles!

Supplemental Performance Training:

3 Position Clean + Jerk

(Mid-thigh, Knee, Floor)

Build to a HEAVY


RDL: Romanian Deadlift

5x 8-10 reps

Take from the rack at hang height.  Increase weight each set, but maintain good form.

Use straps if you have them!