January 14, 2014

photo 1-16

Dave hitting a snatch during the recent NLI Comp.


AMRAP 17 minutes:

40 burpees over barbell

30 snatch (75/45)

30 burpees over barbell

30 snatch (135/75)

20 burpees over barbell

30 snatch (165/100)

10 burpees over barbell

AMRAP snatch (210/120)

WOD Tips:  This is a slightly modified workout from the 2013 CrossFit Open.  In this workout, you progress through the workout as quickly and/or as heavy as you can.  All burpees should be at a consistant pace and good form sould be maintained on all snatches.  You should maintain Power Snatches, until it gets too Heavy and you have to resort to Squat Snatches.  No strategy…..Just work hard.    

Supplemental Performance Training:

Build to a HEAVY Clean & Jerk


KB Pause Swings

Four sets x 10 reps

*Pause at the top of the swing for a 2 count.

In order to obtain this you must lock out elbows and have the KB perfectly vertical.

We must obtain this position for competition.


Not for time:

200 Double-Unders