January 6, 2014

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AJ, Isabel and Michael repping RXD in the Philippines.


This is goals week.  During each class, you will have an oppurtunity to publicly set a goal your goal by writing your name and your goal on the whiteboard.  Your name/goal will remian there until the end of February.  When you achieve your goal you can mark off your goal by writing a note next to it to let all members know you were successful.

When setting your goals remember:

  • Set an achievable goal
    • Don’t post “50lb PR on back squat”, post PR my backsquat.
    • Achieve a gymnastic movement for the fist time.
    • Make commitment club
  • All goals will remain on the board until February 28th.
  • Goals will NOT be achieved by JUST going to class.  This is going to take extra work.  Those that put in the extra work before/after class or in open gym, will be the ones that are successful.

ESPN – Wave and Wake – Jillian Costello from LungCancerFoundation.Org on Vimeo.

Meggan Brunette is asking for CrossFit RXD’s support with her efforts to raise money for JOG FOR JILL to support their efforts to fight lung cancer in memory of her friend and fellow colligiate rower, Jill Costello.  If you are interested in supporting the cause, donate at Team Brunette’s donation page:  Team Brunette Webpage


Sign up for the 5K/10K run in at the Great Park in Irvine on January 18th.  Register for the run at this link.


Push Press

5 sets x 5 reps

@75% of 1RM



Three rounds for time:

400m Row

20 Pull-ups (Performance: C2B)

20 KB Swings (Fitness: 53/35) (Performance: 70/53)

(2 Minutes Rest)

Supplemental Performance Training:

Front Squats

5@ 75%

3@ 80-85%

1@ 90-95%

10@ 65%

10@ 65%

10@ 65%