December 19, 2013




For time:

30 OH Squats

30 Toes-to-Bar

20 Power Snatch

20 Toes-to-Bar

10 Squat Snatch

10 Toes-to-Bar

WOD Tips:  Let me guess… saw this WOD and thought, Toes-2-Bar again?  Yes, again.  Our program is constantly varied, but that also means sometimes we are going to hit you with a repeat movement several times in a week.  If your hands are tore up from this week, by all means please feel free to modify off the bar. 

As for the actual workout, when deciding on what weight to use, be sure to scale for your worst movement between the OH squats, power snatch and squat snatch.  For most of you that will be squat snatch.  Remember, the most complicated movement is at the end when you are the most tired, so keep that in mind when choosing your weight.  As always, scale intensity.  I want you to choose a weight that you can rep out a minimum of 5 reps at a time with, if not more.

Fitness: 95/65

Performance: 135/95

Supplemental Performance Training:

Front Squats:

4@ 75%

3@ 80%

2@ 85%

4@ 80%

3@ 85%

2@ 90%

6@ 75%

 Agility Shuttle Runs

6 attempts: 5′ – 10″ – 5′

See video for directions: