December 18, 2013




Back Squats:

4@ 75%

3@ 80%

2@ 85%

1@ 90-95%

MAX reps @ 80%*

*For MAX effort go for broke, but stop one rep prior to having to drop the bar.  Always finish with the bar in the rack.



Three rounds for time:

7 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

21 KB/DB Thrusters (35/26)


Three rounds for time:

14 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

21 KB/DB Thrusters (44/35)

WOD Tip:  The KB thrusters can be very tough, especially 21 reps per round.  Scale as needed so you can complete the set of 21 in less than three sets.  STAY TIGHT in you core and squat when doing the thrusters.  If you lose focus and get soft, it is going to be much harder.  This is a quick workout and should be completed in 10 minutes or less as a reference. 

Supplemental Performance Training:

5x 1.1.1

Split Jerks @75-80%

Speed and technique!

Use the jerk blocks.  Drop bar and reset on every rep.



15 weighted ring dips, You choose the weight

20 strict ring dips

25 kipping ring dips

(sub to all bar dips if needed.)