December 17, 2013



Team RXD won the Anaheim City League Championship on Sunday night with a hard fought battle.

It should also be known that they were the only Co-Ed team too.  Thats because RXD girls kick serious ass.


Please take a moment to review your Zen Planner account profile to confirm that all the information (address, phone, email, date of birth) are correct.  We will be sending out the RXD Christmas card this week and want to ensure you recieve it.  THANKS!


Tonight, Tuesday December 17th at 6pm

Saturday, December 21st at 11am


For time:

20 minute time-cap



100 Double-unders

75 Shoulder to OH (75/45)

50 Toes-2-Bar

25 Chest to Bar Pull-ups


100 Double-unders

75 Shoulder to OH (75/45)

50 GHD

25 Muscle-Ups

WOD TIP: This is another GRINDER.  That means once you start there is not much strategy other than keep moving.  Everyone should be doing push jerks for the shoulder to overhead.  Even though it is light and you could easily push press, the high volume requires you push jerk to survive.  Performance:  Once you come off the GHD’s it is going to be very hard to elevate your hips for the muscle-ups due to fatigue.  Keep the reps very low and cycle at a steady pace.

Supplemental Performance Training:

Bent Over Barbell Rows

5x 5-8 reps

No bouncing.  Keep form good as opposed to going heavy.

There was a little confusion on this last time so here is a video of what I would like to see.

By the way this guy is COMEDY with his “technical jargon.”  Reminds me of a young coach we have……..LOL!

Ignore the talk and focus on the demonstration.

In 5 sets, establish a 3RM Clean


I know this is similar to yesterday’s class, but now we are going touch and go with FULL squat, so deal with it.