December 9, 2103


Merisa and Ashlee make the podium in 2nd place at the 2013 Babe Brawl at CrossFit Code 3.

We are so proud of them and excited to see what the 2014 CF season holds for them.


If you plan to attend the RXD Christmas Party please go to the RXD schedule and click on the Green box for Saturday 14th (Christmas Party) then follow the prompts to confirm your reservation.


Five Rounds:

5 Clean & Jerks

7 Burpees

400m Run

(Rest 2 min)

Fitness: 155/105

Performance: 185/115

WOD Tips:  There is rest, what does that mean?  

It means this is a sprint.  When choosing your weight for the clean & jerk pick a weight that you can go unbroken for 5 reps.  Go unbroken, but smooth with good form on the clean & jerks (don’t rush here), once you finish the c&J then sprint through the burpees and run.  Push yourself on the run knowing that you get two minutes of rest as soon as you finish.  Hold nothing back on the run.

Supplemental Performance Training:

 Tempo Front Squats

5 sets x 2-3 reps @41×1

Add 10/5 from last week.


Bent Over Barbell Rows

5 x 8-10 reps

 DON’T go heavy.

Keep form: no bouncing, keep back set, bent over, bring bar to sternum and pinch shoulder blades.