December 4, 2013

Christmas Party Countdown: 10 Days


Rich and Sue at the 2012 Christmas Party cleaned house on the WOD-y Awards.

(Member of the Year, Commitment Club Member of the Year, Best Couple/Family)

Have you submitted your ballot for the 2013 WOD-y Awards yet?

You will have until Saturday to complete your ballot for these pretigous awards.

The awards will be presented at our Chritmas party on December 14th.


Bench Press:

3 set x 6-8 reps


Bent Over Barbell Rows:

3 sets x 10-12 reps.

(No bouncing)


AMRAP 7 min

3,6,9,12….increase by 3


KB Swings (53/35)



Power Snatch (115/75)


WOD Tips:
This workout is a 7 minute sprint.  You should be going unbroken on the weighted movement through the set of 12 and start to break it up after that if at all possiblie.  Therefore, choose your weight appropriately so that you can keep this intensity level.  Burpees should be at a moderate and steady pace.  Don’t sprint the burpees!  

Supplemental Performance Training:

5x 1 set of Clean Complex:

High hang clean

Hang clean

Full clean

This should be 5 sets building in weight to a HEAVY, but not at the expense of form.

All 3 parts of the complex should be Touch-n-Go.