November 28, 2013



We are so blessed and thankful at CrossFit RXD.  We started this little gym nearly four years ago and since that day we have been blessed with phenominal coaches and members that BELIEVE in the RXD philosophy.  Despite ZERO advertising, our business has consistantly grown.  We grew so much that last year that we made the jump to our current location.  That risk was rewarded with continued growth, and we now stand at 210 members.  Each of you have walked into our doors and into our hearts.  The RXD community is STRONG.

We have been blessed with many members coming to us from other CrossFit gyms.  After 3+ months at RXD, I often question these people since they hold a unique perspective, being able to compare and contrast different CF gyms.  The statement I continue to hear is, “You have something special here at RXD”, “The coaching and community is amazing.”  So I say to you, “Yes we do have something special at RXD and that special thing is each  and every one of YOU.”

The staff at RXD is humbled by your friendships and business.  We pray that you and your family have a peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

God Bless.

Thanksgiving Day Schedule:

Open Gym ONLY:  9am to 11am

Supplemental Performance Training:


3 muscle-ups

5 minutes of:

30 sec on/30 off

GHD Sit-ups

For total reps