November 22, 2013


My righthand man, Joe Kim.

Although he is standing on my left.

I am so proud of the changes we have made over the last several months at CrossFit RXD.  If you would indulge me, I would like to review what we have accomplished during that time:

  • Fitness/Performance Programming:  This was a break from our old style of programming and this allowed us to get all of our members and coaches back into classes and working out side by side everyday.
  • Supplemental Performance Training: We developed a new program for those interested in putting in extra work to get stronger and better at the sport of CrossFit.  This has been an amazing step for our athletes and is the reason that so many of you are hitting PR’s and in the best shape of your lives.
  •  Redesigned Gym Floor Plan: By matting wall to wall and reorganizing the Oly platforms and adding a new pull-up rig we opened up the gym and made additional room for you during classes.
  • New Check-In and Retail Area:  This more professional check-in area and retail display look great and are highly functional.
  • New Supplement Line: We are so happy we made the switch to Muscle Pharm and if you have tried it, you are too.  MP also gives us the option of carrying a variety of different supplements for all of our members.   On top of all that, it’s more economical.
  • Apparel Line:   This week we released new women’s tees and tanks and in the coming week we will release the men’s shirts, a new RXD sweatshirt for men and women and logo hats.  It is our goal to keep apparel stocked and to continually add new items once or twice every 3 months.  If you have a suggestion in this area, let us know.
  • New Coaches: All of the previous listed things are great, but what is most important is the coaching you are receiving on a daily basis.  We have been fortunate to add three new coaches, Vince, Ian and Dave MB to our staff.  Now and in the future we will search for coaches that not only possess the skills to be a coach, but most importantly have the character needed to represent RXD.

We have been working very hard as of late, but know that we don’t do these things to boast, instead we do these things to make the CrossFit RXD experience the best experience possible for YOU.  We truly appreciate your business.


Your RXD Staff will be in Big Bear this weekend on a staff retreat.  Friday you will meet Andrew Kong, Vince’s brother.  Andrew is a highly skilled athlete and coach and you are all in good hands.  Please make him feel welcome.

Our very own Andrew Niemeyer will be coaching on Saturday and Sunday.



3 reps, every 3 minutes for 15 minutes

Building to as heavy as possible.


Three rounds for time:

400m Run

5 Thrusters

10 Burpees over the barbell

Fitness: (135/95)

Performance: (155/115)

Supplemental Performance Training:

Max effort chest-to-bar pull-ups

Rest 3 minutes

Max effort kipping pull-ups

For time:

50 weighted sit-ups (15/10 plates on chest)

50 weighted hand release push-ups (15/10 plate on mid back)

50 weighted sit-ups