October 29, 2013

photo-7 muscles

Kyra, Bre, Cathy and Evelyn

“Luck is the last dying wish of those that want to believe that winning can happen by accident,

Sweat on the other hand is for those that know it’s a choice”


6PM Free Intro Class (invite a friend that may want to join)

7pm Nutrition 101 Clinic, All members are welcome.  The class is FREE



EMOM 20 minutes:

Odd: 6 Standing Lunges with barbell held in front rack position

Even: 3 Power Snatches


Fitness: (95/65)

Performance: 3 TnG @ (135/95)


Supplemental Performance Training:

Block Snatch Pull + Snatch

(Bar on box @ mid thigh)

3 sets x 2 reps @70%

2 sets x 2 reps @75%

Do not link reps!

Perform pull and snatch per rep.


3 Snatch Push Press + 2 OH Squat

3 sets @65%