September 11, 2013




Please take a moment today to remember where you were and how you felt on that dreadful day.  Remember the victims that died and the heroes that stepped forward to help those in need.  Also remember that we still have men and women fighting a war on terrorism on forgien shores.  Please pray for all of them.



BOWLING NIGHT is schedule for next Friday, September 20th at 8:30pm at Concourse Bowling.  Contact Joe Kim for further details.


50 Wallballs

10 Power snatchs

40 Wallballs

10 OH Squats

30 Wallballs

10 Power cleans

20 Wallballs

10 Front squats

Performance: @135/95

Fitness: @115/85


 Performance Supplemental Training:

Five sets of MAX reps:

Bench Press (Men=bodyweight / Women=75% of bodyweight)

Rest as needed between sets


Four sets of 15 Hip Extensions on GHD, weighted (15/10) suggested weight.