August 2, 2013




BOWLING NIGHT IS CANCLED.  Sorry for any inconveinence this may have caused.  We plan to reschedule it in the near future.


Starting Monday, you will see some changes in our programming.  You will see the terms FITNESS and PERFORMANCE listed on some of the workouts.  In an effort to get all our members, including our competitors on the same page and attending our classes, we will have a two tiered program.  The FITNESS program is designed for the everyday member and the majority of our gym.  The PERFORMANCE program is designed for a small percentage of our gym that is training to compete in the sport of CrossFit and/or those members who are advanced enough to train this program.


The choice to do the FITNESS or PERFORMANCE workouts will not be a daily choice.  You must have demonstrated a minimum requirement of certain skills to perform the PERFORMANCE training program.  If you would like to do the performance WOD’s you will need to demonstrate the required skills to a coach during open gym on Sunday, or at another time arranged with a coach.

Muscle-ups (men only, two linked muscle ups)

Unbroken Chest to Bar Pull-ups (men x 10, women x 5)

Unbroken HSPU (men x 10, women x 5)

Ability to demonstrate proper form and routinely perform:

Toes to Bar, Squat Snatch, Double-unders, Squat Clean, Jerk,

These are very minimum requirements.  We are not trying to exclude anyone, but the level of the program will not be of value to anyone who does not have these minimum skills.  In fact, it is our hope that this will become a goal for some of you.


You will also see a SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING  posted on the daily blog.  This is extra work that is designed for our PERFORMANCE athletes to perform during open gym.  However, any client is welcome to follow the SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING program during open gym, if they are able to safely perform the movements.


We have decided to make these changes for several reasons.  One is that we do not want everyone doing “THEIR OWN THING”.  We want EVERYONE in classes.  That means EVERYONE, including Regional and Games athletes.  We believe that by getting these athletes in classes, they will push each other and you.  They will also hopefully be models of good form for all clients and be more connected with our RXD community, instead of doing their own thing in the corner.

We also believe that this program provides guidance to those wanting to take the next step into the SPORT OF CROSSFIT.  It provides a clear training program, including the Supplemental Training that is needed to prepare for competititon.  This will lead to proper developement of our athletes for the present and the future.


For our PERFORMANCE program, each month will focus on a primary and secondary movement and work toward developing and strengthening those movements.  For example, this month we will focus on the CLEAN and HSPU.

As always if you have any questions or concerns, contact a coach or email me.





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