March 2, 2013

What does the voice inside your head tell you?

STOP, this hurts, I need to breathe


Push harder,  you can do this, lets PR, just a few more reps.

Saturday Team WOD:

We are doing the a team WOD from the Femme Royale women’s competition this weekend.

Teams of two men or two women.

Part A.

Take 5 minutes to build to a 1RM Ground to Overhead (Team Total)

Immediately followed by 5 minute AMRAP Double-unders

(10 minutes Rest and set up for next WOD)

Five Rounds of:

45 seconds AMRAP, Partner Deadlifts (315/225), two people on one bar

(Rest 15 seconds)

45 seconds AMRAP, Partner Burpees, both partners go down and up together.

(Rest 15 seconds)