February 4, 2013

This weekend, CrossFit RXD had two team in the Winter Shakedown, a highly competitive team competition.  Our teams performed amazingly and placed 10th and 17th out of a field 64.



There are few nutritional supplements out there that have been as widely studied as Fish Oil and none can compare to the overall health benefits they offer.  Fish oil truly is a WONDER DRUG.  Cold-water fish contain several polyunsaturated fats, collectively known as omega-3 fatty acids.  These fats go a long way toward promoting better health.  Studies have shown that they promote brain, eye, heart and reproductive health.  They also reduce inflammation and fight cancer.

See the RXD Nutritional Blog on Fish Oil for further information and links to articles.

Register for the LEAN-4-LIFE NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM on your Zen Planner page.  It starts February 19th.


Every month at CrossFit RXD we recognize those athletes that demonstrate their commitment to fitness by attending a minimum of 14 classes.  This month’s list is especially exciting due to all the new names on the list.  Nine clients are on the list for the first time.  CONGRATS!

First Time Members:

Michael Wong, Arantza Ochoa, Jenn Dubois, Kenny Perez, Kevin Yee, Geoffrey Lau, Tanya Merrill, Hailey Hernandez, Kevin Nguyen

Other January Members:

Sue Yudt, Rich Yudt, Donna Henderson, Matt Kabuto, Ashley Oldag, Mike Peart, Kevin Mitchell, Jeremy Buraglia, Homer Maniago, Nettie Gonzalez, Sarah Mae Roux, Margaret Anderson, James Racette, Susy Uc, Eddie Romero, Katie Fazioli, Andrew Niemeyer, Racquel Gabriel, Brenda Greenbank, Ian Murphy, Merisa Downs, Ashlee Hegner.


Take 15 minutes to build to a heavy squat Clean


In 12 minutes, complete as many ladders as possible from 1 to 5 reps of Hang Power Clean, with approximately 75% of your 1-RM Power Clean

Example – Perform 1 Hang Power Clean, drop the barbell and rest as needed; then perform 2 Hang Power Cleans, drop the bar and rest as needed; then perform 3 Hang Power Cleans, drop the bar and rest as needed; etc…up to 5 Hang Power Cleans, then start again at 1. If you drop the barbell before you achieve the designated number of reps in that set, you must begin that set over – i.e., if you drop the bar on your fourth attempt of your set of 5, you must begin the set of 5 again from 0.