December 21, 2012

If the world is still here tomorrow, here is the workout.  

If not, we will be opening a new gym called CrossFit Heaven, hope to see you there.


Saturday 9am:  YOGA CLASS

Christmas Eve:  6AM, 8AM, 10AM, Noon (Special time for that day only)

Christmas Day:  CLOSED

December 26th:  Full Schedule

Strength WOD:

Three Sets of:

Bench Press (4-6 reps) @ 21X1 rest 45 seconds

Ring Rows (6-8 reps) @ 21X1 rest 45 seconds

Plank Holds (30 seconds on each side i.e. left, prone, right) rest 45 seconds

Conditioning WOD:

Tabata- 8 sets in a row of each movement (24 total rounds)

Row for meters

(rest 1 minute)


(rest 1 minute)

Air squats