December 4, 2012


Starting them young at RXD

November Commitment Club:

The Commitment Club is a recognition given to RXD members that attend a minimum of 14 group classes a month.  These clients have demonstrated a commitment to achieving their individual fitness goals.


Sue Yudt, Donna Henderson, Matt Henderson, Jonathan Alacon, Danielle Rizzo, Ashley Oldag,

Charity Cescolini, Ian Murphy, Teri Harden, Joe Wynne, Brenda Greenbank, Kevin Mitchell,

Bob Morgan, Frankie Arias, Homer Maniago, Samantha Greer, Sarah Mae Roux,

Margaret Anderson, James Racette, Susy Uc, Eddie Romero, Jacob Wiggs.

The top clients this month were Rich Yudt and Josh Honey, each with 21 classes.  WAY TO GO BOYS!

Skill WOD:

7 sets of 1 rep:

Advanced: Squat Snatch

Intermediate: Overhead Squat

(let feel dictate the load – if you feel good, shoot for a new 1-RM, if you feel slow, work lower percentages for speed and mechanics)

*IF you are not sure what you should be doing then it’s a good indicator that you should be overhead squatting

-Met Con WOD:

5 rounds for time:

200 Meter Run

15 Hand Release Pushups

15 Box Jumps (24/20)