October 31, 2012: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

The RXD crew at last weekends MBX Comp: Jake, Brenda, Erik, Dave, Ashlee, Bonnie and Matt.

Our crew nearly swept the event, with Jake and Brenda taking 1st in the beginner division

and Erik and Ashlee taking 2nd and 3rd in Advanced.


There will be no 6pm or 7pm class tonight because of Halloween.

Our staff needs to get home early to trick or treat before all the good candy is gone.


1.  Every 30 seconds for 2:00, 1 rep at 70% (5 total reps)

Rest 2:00

2.  Every 45 seconds for 2:15, 1 rep at 75% (4 total reps)

Rest 3:00

3.   Every 60 Seconds for 2:00, 1 rep at 80% (3 total reps)

Each set is done without re-racking the barbell.

That means you will be holding the barbell for the entire 2:00-2:15 minutes.

Percentage based of 1RM.

Perform the following for time:


One arm dumbbell snatches (HEAVY)*

Box jumps (24/20)

*Alternate arms for the dumbbell snatches as needed.