October 27, 2012: The Great Pumpkin Challenge

Are you ready for the Great Pumpkin Challenge?

(Photo from Halloween 2010)

2012 Great Pumpkin Challenge WOD

Using a pumpkin for the entire exercise, complete the following:

Buy-in: 400m Pumpkin Run

Four rounds for time of:

20 OH Pumpkin Lunges

30 Pumpkin Touch Sit-Ups

20 Pumpkin Facing Burpees (you must jump over pumpkin and turn 180 degrees each rep)

Buy-out: 400m Pumpkin Run


A group of our athletes will be competing today at the MBX CrossFit, Valley Rumble in Canoga Park.  We are so excited to have a large group competing and even more excited that several of these athletes will be competing for the first time (Matt, Jacob, David).  Competitions are a fun way to challenge yourself and they also give your training a focus and reason.  Athletes are often more inspired and motivated after these competitions and recognize areas that they need to improve upon.  In the future, I hope that you will give a competition a try.

Matt M.






Bonnie (Judging)