October 3, 2012



The Commitment Club is a recognition to those CrossFit RXD athletes

that attend at least 14 classes a month.

Matt K.

Mike F.

Matt H.

Ashley O.

Charity C.

Joe W.

Kevin M.

Bob M.

Frankie A.

Jeremy B.

Josh H.

Courtney K.

James R.

Suzy U.

Breana H.

Matt M.

Jacob W.

This months top attendee is:  David M-B.

He attended 19 classes during September.  It should be mentioned that David travels a lot on business and still gets his training in.  He also visits other CrossFit gyms on the road and drops in to workout at their gyms.  He is truly dedicated to CrossFit and his fitness.  We are so lucky to have him as a member of the RXD Family.



1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

10 minute AMRAP

300m Row

30 AB Mat Sit-Ups