October 2, 2012


I wanted to let you in on the thoughts going through my head when it comes to our gym, CrossFit RXD, and our programming/training.  I will keep this very simple and basic.  Clients always come first always!  Your best interests always come first in any decisions that are made about our gym.  Sometimes it may not be the best business decision, but we (RXD staff) do this because we are passionate about helping people better themselves physically and mentally.

This is true when it comes to our daily programming.  We strive to always keep the quality of our training above the industry norm and will adapt our training to new techniques as needed.  That being said, our programming is one of the most important elements of creating healthier clients.  RXD programming is created to make you stronger, faster, more flexible and more coordinated.

We do not follow main site for several reasons:

  • First, it must be said there is NOTHING wrong with main site’s programming.  We use the CrossFit methodology every single day in our WOD’s.
  • We program for you, our 140 members and not for the entire world.  We consider the efficacy and value of each WOD we program.  I ask myself this every time, “What is the benefit of doing this movement and this WOD at these reps?  How can I maximize the use of the one hour I get with my athletes?”
  • I want to keep you engaged and excited for years to come.  This cannot happen without working on individual components of our fitness at certain times (i.e. strength cycle, conditioning cycle, olympic lifting cycle, etc…)  But we will always keep General Physical Preparedness as our goal.

Fitness is a journey,  Not a destination!!

So there are some of my thoughts in a nutshell.  There will be plenty more to follow in the future about all sorts of other useful things.

Coach Eric

The Daily WOD:

Five Rounds For Time of:

10 UNBROKEN Front Squats (body weight)

400m Run

(2 minute rest)