Moving Starts This Week!

Pardon Our Dust:

The time has finally come!  We will start the moving process this week.  On Wednesday we will disassemble the pull-up/squat racks and transport them to the new gym to reassemble them.  On Friday, most of our old rubber mats will be removed as they have been sold to another gym.

During this time we ask for you patience.  We will be modifying our usual programming, as some movements will not be possible without the missing equipment.  This should only be for a few days and we will limit the need to cancel classes.  Please keep up to date by checking our website’s blog, Zen Planner and Facebook page regularly.

Our goal is to have Friday, August 31st be our first official workout in the new location.

RXD Needs Your Help:

After removing our pull-up/squat rack this week, we will reassemble it at our new location.  Our new squat/pull-up rack will be 44 feet long, as opposed to the current 24 feet.  It will also have numerous new features.

On Friday the 24th (8-24-12), at 6:30pm, I need the assistance from as many members as possible.  The new pull-up/squat rack will be fully assembled and will need to be moved twice.  We must slide it over, cut out the base foot print in the rubber mats and slide it back into the new holes.  It will not require a lot of time, but does require a lot of people to move the 44 foot behemoth.

Official Grand Opening:

We are tentatively planning to host a Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, September 22nd, from 11am to 3pm.  We will be inviting friends, family and fellow CrossFitters from all over Southern California to help launch our new location in style.  There will be three different level workouts during the event: Beginner, Intermediate and Fire Breather with prizes for the top times.  We will also have a lunch truck or two selling food and DJ Eamon playing music.

Important Dates To Remember:

August 24th, 6:30pm,

Help Install Pull-up Bar

August 30th, All Day,


August 31st, All Day,  

Open New Gym

September 3rd, All Day,

RXD CLOSED for Labor Day Holiday

September 22nd, 11am-3pm,

Official Grand Opening Party