Every month I look forward to reviewing our attendance numbers and seeing who has shown commitment and dedication to their fitness.  This month was no exception.  One thing that stood out to me this month is all the new names on the list.  There are several people that only joined recently, or are making the list for the first time.  This is especially true for Franklin Itok.  He attended the most classes in July.  He knocked reigning champ, Rich Yudt, off the top spot.  Franklin attended 25 classes last month.  AMAZING!  For the first time we also had four other persons that attended 20+ classes: Joe Wynne, Mike Peart, Josh Honey and Rich Yudt.  Keep up the hard work everyone.  Lets keep building this list each month.

July Commitment Club:

Rich Yudt

Daniel Dubois

Rebecca Strom

Vincent Almario

Joe Wynne

Chris Payne

Ashlee Hegner

David Moore-Beitier

Mike Peart

Annette Orozco

Erik Tilove

Homer Maniago

Missy Janikowski

James Ruhle

Josh Honey

Cass Hawkins

James Racette

Franklin Itok

Kattie Watkins

Matthew Maldonado