WOD Gear Competition Schedule

Our previous WOD Gear Team Competition athletes.

(Miss you Kelliegh, Vince and Merisa)

This Saturday, July 28th, CrossFit RXD will have four teams participating in the WOD Gear Team Series competition.  We participated in their previous event and enjoyed it immensely.  It is well organized with great “CrossFit” WODs.  Not to mention competing in a team is always a blast.  This time they have raised the stakes with a $5,000 first place prize.  Needless to say, there will be some amazing teams competing from all over California.  If you are not participating, we hope you will join us and show your support for our amazing athletes.  The event is at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.  There will be numerous vendors there so you can buy some cool CrossFit gear and several lunch truck options.  Please bring a beach chair as we will have a canopy set up to relax between heats.  If you are unable to attend, please wish our teams good luck with a post.


Teenage Mutant Ninja CrossFitters: Cass, Annette, Erik and Ian

Prokchop’s Revenge: Alicia, Angelie, Homer and Joe K.

WOD-aholics: Nyra, Sue, Rich and JP

FRAN-atics: Brenda, Ashlee, Derek and Bryan


5:45am   Athletes meet at CrossFit RXD to carpool to event.

7:00am  Athlete check-in

7:50am  Mandatory athlete meeting

9:00am Competition Begins

9:00am Floater WOD, Teenage Mutant Ninja CrossFitters

9:20am WOD #1, Porkchop’s Revenge

9:40am Floater WOD, FRAN-atics

10:00am WOD #1, WOD-aholics

10:40am WOD #1, Teenage Mutant Ninja CrossFitters

11:00am Floater WOD, Porkchop’s Revenge

11:20am WOD #1, FRAN-atics

11:50am Floater WOD, WOD-aholics

1:20pm WOD #2, Porkchop’s Revenge

2:00pm WOD #2, WOD-aholics

2:40pm WOD #2, Teenage Mutant Ninja CrossFitters

3:20pm WOD #2, FRAN-atics

As is tradition, we will on the way home, we will stop off somewhere for  dinner and drinks.  All are invited.