July 9, 2012


Congrats to all our CrossFit RXD Athletes that braved the elements this weekend at The Tough Mudder in Snow Valley.


1X20 Back Squat

 Notes: This should be a maximal UNBROKEN set. If you completed all 20 reps last week, add approximately 5% this week. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you werenít close (10-14), take off 5%.


 1a) 4X3 Strict Pullups + AMRAP Kipping Pullups, Rest 60 seconds between sets.

Notes: This should be one unbroken set of 3 strict PU then, without dropping off the bar, a max effort set of Kipping pullups.

 1b) 4X400m Sprint, Rest 60 seconds between sets.

  Notes: These should be all out efforts. Pacing is not acceptable and degradation of pace is acceptable.