If you have found your way to this post then you have discovered our new website.  During 2012 CrossFit RXD has been rapidly evolving from a small garage gym to a professional athletic training facility.  As we have grown and started this transition we realized that two things had to occur in order to ensure RXD’s continued growth and development in the future.  We needed to establish a legitimate website  and we had to find and build a larger more professional gym.  With this site we have accomplished the first goal and we are currently less than one month away from accomplishing the second and moving into our new home at 3010 La Palma Avenue, Anaheim.

This site was developed to provide visitors and prospective CrossFitters with information about CrossFit, what makes RXD different, and how they can start our program.  We also wanted to provide our current members with a site that will allow them to do more than just view the daily WOD.  We wanted to provide a site where you can get information, blog, find out about events,  and even shop.  Although some aspects are not yet fully functional, we believe we have accomplished just that.

Please take some time to browse our site and consider sharing our site link with any friends that are interested in CrossFit.  I truly believe they will find the new member information very informative.

Thank you,

Your CrossFit RXD Staff