Fundamental Snatch Class Today (Sunday) at Noon



Today, Sunday July 8th at Noon, Coach Eric will be hosting a class on the fundamentals of the Snatch Olympic Lift.  If you have never done the lift or could need to review the basics please attend.  This is lift is programed regularly into our daily WODs and it is necessary to take a full class in order to learn the basics. The Olympic lifts, which include the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, are the most efficient way to build strength and explosive power while improving neuromuscular efficiency.  These lifts also translate to sports.  Most sports  require the coordination and explosive power. The Oly lifts teach the body to become more efficient in the explosive movements. The athlete learns to engage more of his or her muscle fibers more rapidly than athletes who have not trained to do so. In order to perform the lifts correctly, the athlete will also need to build the neuromuscular highway to fire the proper muscle groups in the proper sequence. Think of a pitcher who has to engage his legs, core, shoulder, arm and finally his wrist to hurl a baseball.